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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  February 20, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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good morning and thank you for joining us. february 20 presidents' day. let's talk weather. we will talk about that all day. steve paulson has all the details. the good news is a lot of people are not driving this morning.>> if you are it is brutal. i'm sure you have heard that the system is arriving. where is the main plume going to establish itself? it wants to favor the north bay. anybody from santa rosa to the santa cruz mountains can expect moderate to heavy rain. the system looks like it wants to stall out. some of the rain is heavier. some pockets of moderate and heavy rain. it depends on where you are traveling. some areas it is not too bad. it is going to be relentless most of the day as the waves continued to come in.
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there are areas where it is letting up a little bit. 50s on your temperatures. the wind advisory is now. a flash flood watches al. this is a powerhouse system. it will continue to work its way in most of the day. it might not let up until late tonight. there is going to be -- allowing this to left and stall out. the question is where that stalled out to play a huge factor. not a big deal for southern california. there will be rain -- heavy most of the day. the only thing that steve -- since we don't have a lot of crowds people will be driving faster. that's not good in this weather. we're looking at roadway flooding in a couple of spots. we start off with a traditional commute on the altimont pass. the people bush who do have to
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go it is like. we have had a lot of flooding out there and it is still coming in. you can see traffic continues to look good on 880 north and southbound. standing water all over the place. at the bay bridge toll plaza is not bad. san francisco at silver roadway flooding. is flooding west 80 at the salon truck scales. there have been accident southbound 880 there is a new crash. if the rain moves through accident starts coming up. more on this morning's rainstorm. crews and fire departments around the north bay are on standby. blood plans are in place. the ross valley fire department has been through this before. markers on the flagpole at that fire station. i will show you how high the water rose january 1991 and
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december 2005. the entire fire station was underwater. they are closely watching the levels. they know how dangerous things can get within minutes.>> once it gets about the theme it is dangerous for downtown.>> almost every business in the main street is lined with sandbags. they don't want creek to overflow but they are over -- they are prepared. best in two weeks heavy rains forced evacuations because the creek overflowed. downtown martinez businesses are preparing as well. they are using sandbags to protect their stores from possible flooding. this part of main street has flooded during the recent rains. amber creek overflowed. when the water receded and left a mess on the sidewalk that storm is bringing more rain to the already saturated santa cruz mountains.
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now people are questioning how much more the hillside and roads can handle. lee martinez has more on the concerns of flash flooding, fallen trees and mudslides.>> reporter: been lowman homeowners race for another storm when they better -- barely recovered from the last one. >> we have a huge tree in our backyard. a limb fell down and hit the garage. we had some flooding. >> inside the mountain community theater the cast and crew for the lion in winter production are working fast before the rain starts. >> a couple of weeks ago the roads were a problem. a lot of our workers work and live in santa cruz. they would come up here for rehearsal and it was rather difficult. we had to cancel a couple of rehearsals. >> reporter: on highway 17
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closed the manager had to book a hotel room just to make it to work. >> it was taking anywhere from 3-4 hours to go in one direction to get to san jose. >> reporter: it caused landslides that took out alternative routes. >> highway 9 was closed. took the local park was forced to close after the san lorenzo river searched. local say they are getting tired of the rain. >> i drive to work in santa cruz. almost every day i have had to reroute because of a limp down or a road is closed. >> reporter: the show must go on. and escape from a wet and dreary reality is welcome. the cast and crew say they are still good to go for their march 10 opening night. the actors who are stranded in santa cruz get their own rehearsals in the living room.
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emergency officials are keeping a close eye on the oroville dam as the latest storm hits. right now watching managers say there is what -- more water flowing out of the reservoir been flowing in. the lake level continues to drop. it has fallen 50 feet. work has been around the clock to prepare erosion to that emergency spillway. as for the huge hole in the main spillway, they cannot work on that yet.>> we really can't start any work right now because we still have 60,000 ft.3 per second of water flowing down that structure. until we are through the woods with these storms coming we cannot stop that flow. to allow engineers to get in there and look and see the extent of the damage. the spokesman said an evacuation warning remains in effect for people who live
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downstream from the down. they're hoping with all of the water they had been able to release, the lake will remain at a manageable level. inmates transferred to the detention center because of the oroville dam evacuation orders are back. the butte county sheriff says the jail will be back to normal operations today. visitations will be available. those who want to visit inmates in person will have to wait until saturday. menlo park firefighters are heading to the central valley to deal with potential flooding. the rescue team has 2 jet skis, 3 bolts any 14 person crew. ready to respond to flooding. that's where 10 inches of rain may fall today. the same team was sent to or avail last week. it was also involved with water rescues during hurricane katrina and when a levee failed in yuba city 20 years ago. we just checked the pg any power outage map.
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there are no widespread power outages. that might change later as the rain picks up. downed power lines could be a problem. they want everyone to use caution. >> if your vehicle has come in contact with a power lines we want to let our customers know to stay inside. the safest place is in your cars. the ground around your car might be energized. your horn and yell for help. make sure to warn others to stay away.>> they also say make sure you have flashlights and batteries at home. in case your power goes out. the sierra sees a record amount of snow this year. more than 4 inches of snow fell on sunday. they say they saw steady snow over the weekend. more expected throughout the week. the season total is 501 inches. stay up-to-date on the
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latest weather in your area by downloading our weather app. you can log onto our website and check our facebook and twitter feeds. a driver was killed last night in a fiery crash on highway 101 in sausalito. just before seven back 30 it spun out and then caught fire on southbound highway 101 spencer avenue. witnesses said they saw the car goal of an embankment crash into the exit sign and then burst into flames. the driver who was the only person in the car died at the scene. several lanes of the highway was shut down until just after midnight. for the investigation. the driver has not been identified. is that he confirmed what many by area driver snow. san francisco has some of the worst tactic in the world. san francisco ranked number 4 on the list of the most traffic congested cities.
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los angeles came in at number 1. followed by moscow and new york. driver spends an average of 80 driver spends an average of 83 hours stuck in traffic last year. there are claims of sexism and harassment at luber. the allegations being made by a former employee and how the ceo of the company is responding. president. trump appear to be on the verge of issuing another travel ban. we will have the details coming up. we have rain and that means driving today wherever you are going might not be optimal. we are here to tell you what might be in your way. a lot of rain will be in your way. some impressive titles unfortunately. it will be a tough day for the rain and the reservoirs.
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president. trump is finishing an extended holiday weekend in florida. back at the white house the administration is preparing for a busy week. >> the president will issue new executive orders to tackle immigration and border control. we had the latest details this morning. >> reporter: after losing a couple of rounds in federal court the administration seems on the verge of issuing another temporary travel ban.
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one that might likely survive legal challenge. >> another round of protests in new york. pro-immigration and anti-trump. but the president had a big crowd of his own. a massive rally in florida. he fired up his supporters over the same issue. >> the president is said to be on the verge of signing a new executive order on immigration and border control. this one would be more narrowly defined. travelers will be temporarily banned from entering the united states. there are cartels for green card holders. us citizens and those who hold a visa. count exceeded his authority with his earlier ban. is likely to expand enforcement to deport illegal is -- immigrants. >> the president has the authority to do another
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executive order. he is going to be able to restrict immigration further and round up more illegals. >> reporter: trump taking more shots at the media. that pleases his supporters. it puts him at odds with vocal critics in his own party. john mccain. >> if you want to preserve democracy as we know it. you have to have a free and many times adversarial press. without it we would lose so much of our individual liberties overtime. that's how dictators get started. >> reporter: more work ahead for the administration. the president has to select another national security advisor. over the weekend during president. trump's campaign style rally, he suggested there was some type of dangerous terror incident that happened in sweden.
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when in fact there was not. he brought it up while blasting countries who have open border policies. >> you look at what is happening in germany. look at what is happening last night in sweden. sweden -- >> the former prime minister of sweden tweeted on sunday sweden terror attack. what has he been smoking? he offered an explanation on twitter. trump said he was referring to a step -- story he saw on fox news concerning immigrants in sweden. let's check in with a look at traffic. it is presidents' day. is a good thing there are not a lot of cars on the road. >> standing water -- >> i'm listening to the reports coming in. spin outs, and solano county
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there is flooding. we will talk about that. we have flooding almost everywhere. the south bay -- gilroy. traffic here on 101 northbound does not look bad. this is an area prone to flooding. we will watch it closely. we have our closures in many places here. just be careful. northbound 101 looks good into san jose. we are looking at the santa cruz mountains as well. they are doing that repair. traffic is a little bit lighter. it is a holiday. still it is going to be tough getting to scotts valley. and over to summit. this move along to 280 in san jose. it does look okay. is not going to be a typical commute day. a lot of people have the day off. if you happen to be driving just be careful. it has not been a great day for driving. even if you're coming back from the mountains. you can see us everywhere.
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i'm here to tell you if you are up in the mountains and you want to come down today, slow and easy. 417. i would leave now. seriously. >> we would leave early and get home early. rather than risk being caught. >> we would have left last night. we have -- we have been talking about this. the heavy rain has arrived. there is no way around this. it to be headed for a long duration. flooding is likely. i'm sure there will be mudslides. there is probably going to be down trees. we have to be concerned about most of the reservoirs. heavies rain in the morning. should taper off in the afternoon. mostly an all day event. there will be isolated -- may
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be 8-9 amounts. where is this plume of moisture going to set up? there have been indications between san francisco and the santa cruz mountains. it is almost impossible to time where it will be. russian river -- coyote creek, certainly anderson reservoir. to name many. out to the sacramento valley. don pedro -- there is a lot right there. some of this moisture will again -- it depends on where it focuses the energy. this is one forecast model. it doesn't mean it is right. it really takes it around san matteo to santa cruz. suffice to say i'm just keeping rain in for everybody through the morning hours. there is going to be heavy rain. by tuesday night we get a break. wednesday and thursday we will be okay. there is going to be some very heavy rain coming in.
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the system will stall out and then come back tonight. the key is going to be -- so far the north bay is not getting the heaviest rain. there are some areas that are. the heaviest is towards the east bay and toward san jose and the peninsula. these are some areas getting pockets of heavy rain. the santa cruz mountains will be one of the main areas of focus. some projections of 9 inches. in the sierra some is rain and some snow. there will be some really heavy rain totals into the mountains. 50s on your temperatures. we do have a wind advisory. wind gusts 50 miles per hour. 36 and truckee, 50s for everyone else. we will take the whole bay area. that looks to be the source of a lot of moisture. is coming all the way down to the hawaiian islands. you can see where the deeper and heavier moisture is.
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that will allow vista (as it comes back in will slide south. just about everybody is in line for moderate to heavy rain. today tonight and into tuesday. then we have a break. until then it will be a combination of very few breaks and pockets of heavy rain. 50s and low 60s. that will take us into tuesday before clearing out on wednesday. thursday and friday look okay. a pattern change on saturday. it will be colder. a lot of rain and snow. spirit a bay area community reaches out. >> in 20 minutes what was stolen from a local veterans memorial building. and how the neighbors helped out after that crime. how one program in oakland is helping high school and
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college students thinking of joining the police department.
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today's presidents' day. which is a holiday. for many people. there is no mail delivery today. things in schools are also closed. most public transit systems are on different schedules. buses for ac transit and golden
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gate transit are on sunday schedule. voting gate schedules -- golden gate barrio's are on the we can schedule. caltrans has reduced service. parking meters will be enforced. militaries metals that were stolen during evacuation have been returned to a yuba city man. police returned 24 military metals to mike pomeroy yesterday. one of those was a purple heart he earned as they army medic. they were taken last week while they were evacuated from their home. it appears the thieves come to them in the back of a truck in front of a church in yuba city. with the owner of the truck found them he called police. the people were arrested. in oakland some young men and women are getting a jump start on a possible career in law enforcement.
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henry lee gives us an inside look at the oakland police cadets.>> reporter: they run laps, get classroom instruction and even drive police cars. this is what it is like to be an oakland police cadet. this program pays high schools seniors and college students were thinking of becoming cops. he says cadets are taught the intricacies of the police code which differs from police agencies. >> a job like this -- you can't beat it. it is a candid look at the way the department works.>> reporter: that includes physical training. >> i wasn't in such good shape when i started. the exercise has been a little challenging. >> reporter: oakland police officers just graduated from the police academy. they were once police cadets themselves. >> the program did a lot for me. we went on a lot of ride along.
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working with officers and special units. he let you go out and do things with them. >> reporter: that includes fine- tuning their driving skills and practicing how to parallel park. >> which way do you want the rear end to go? >> reporter: they are put through the paces -- he too was once a cadet. >> these young men and women clearly have the drive to become police officers. they say this program has given them an early taste about what it is like to be in law enforcement. our storm coverage continues this monday morning. it is going to be a horrendous day today. we will have an update of two cars swallow by a large sinkhole in southern california. it is wet out
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there. driving is not going to be the greatest on the golden gate bridge. it is light but it is going to be wet. some areas will get decent rain. it seems to be san francisco to the santa cruz mountains. ellen talk about how long this will last.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. a rainy monday. new video from san francisco. that big tree knocked down by rain and wind. this is near the market street intersection. that's a big tree. we have passed through that time different kind of whether this morning. be very careful. we will show you what we see. and keep you posted on everything.>> welcome back. monday,


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